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Adding Videos to Blackboard

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Adding Videos to Blackboard


Video can be added as web links or as hyperlinks in documents. They can also be embedded which means the file will show the first screen of the video.


To Add a video as a web link

  1. Click on the  Build tab
  2. Click on Add Content link button
  3. Click on create web link
  4. Add a name for the title ( It will appear next to the icon).
  5. Copy the URL into the line called URL.
  6. Click on the in a new window
  7. Click on save.

The icon will be added to your course page.


To Add a video as a hyperlink

In any input area of Blackboard look for the enable HTML Creator

Click on it.

Once the editor has opened look for the icon looks like a chain link

Click on it

There are three lines.

A line for a file name

A line for the URL

A line for the text that will appear  for the uesrs to see.

Complete the lines and then  click on save.


Embedding a Video


To embed the video the user needs to have the code.

If on you tube it is displayed to the right of the video in the embed box.

Highlight it, and copy it.


To embed the Video embed code in Blackboard

Go to build

Go to add file and click on create file

paste the file in the box

Check the use html at the bottom of the

text box.

Click on save.


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