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Examples of Beautiful Courses:

Coming soon!


Images and Learning:

Have an article proving that good looking material produces better learning outcomes than the same material that looks horrible?  Please share it with me! 

Meanwhile, there is evidence that graphics linked directly to the teaching material helps students to recall information.  See below an excerpt from Mayer, R. E. (2001). Multimedia learning. New York: Cambridge University Press.


Finding Images:

Sources for icons:


Sources for Clip Art:





Sources for Images:

Everyone knows you can search Google Images and get anything you want on the web, but is it legal?  TO make sure you can use those images in your course, try searching Creative Commons.  http://search.creativecommons.org/ This handy search engine leat's you find images that expressly allow reuse for educational and other royalty free purposes. 



Finding media

Creative commons search

Internet archive



Resizing and changing icons:

There are many free online photo and image editors.  Here are a couple:

http://www.picnik.com/ (no sign-up required)

https://www.photoshop.com/express/landing.html (free, but need to sign up)

This website lists several free, feature rich photo editing tools for Windows that you can download. Our pick is GIMP(http://www.gimp.org/downloads/)


Blackboard Guidelines:

Pixel- a unit of measurement used to define screen width. It is one rectangualr light source on the screen. Roughly 72 pixels to the inch, but some screens are 96 pixels to the inch.

Background images-150 pixels high is fine. Anything from 550-1000 pixels wide.

Icons- edit to 50 x 50 pixels or smaller unless you want them to take up a lot of space


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