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How to use this wiki

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This is a help page for Faculty

Help Contact:





How to create a page:

  1. Click on Edit ( at the top)
  2. Type in the title of the page
  3.  Highlight it
  4. Click on insert a link to a new page ( over on the right side)
  5.  Troubleshooting
    1.  Can't see the insert a link to a new page?     
    2. You are not in the edit mode!


How to insert a picture

  1. Click on Edit( at the top)
  2. Click on images and files (over on the right side)
  3. Upload the image click on upload files (over on the right side)
  4. Click on the picture and drag into the page
  5. Troubleshooting
    1. picture is not coming up? Make sure the file ends in .jpg or png
    2. picture is too big?
      1. Resize by clicking once on picture Find the white spots on the edge.
      2. hold the mouse down and drag toward the opposite corner to make it smaller.


How to insert a link for a web site or a video

  1. Click on Edit( at the top)
  2. Click on the globe with links in the top row of the menu bar ( 5th from right)
  3. A new box displays, click on the down arrow by link type and select URL
  4. Enter address
  5. Click okay
  6. If you want a name to connect the link then<
    1. Type the word.
    2. Highlight the word
    3. Then follow steps 3 through 5 above.

How to embed a video into the wiki

  1. Click on edit
  2. Click on insert Plugin
  3. Click on Video
  4. And click on You tube
  5. Find the You Tube Video
  6. copy and paste the information in to the box
  7. Click save.

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