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YouTube allows anyone to publish (share) home made videos.  The content, quality and subject matter of videos on youtube varies tremendously.  You will find everything from pirated hollywood videos to home movies to high-quality tutorials and movie productions.  There is actually some awesome educational content.  It's worth searching Youtube for content in your discipline, especially since YouTube opened and educational site- http://www.youtube.com/edu.



Pivot tables, Physics for Future Presidents, Language and Politics, Laptops in the Classroom, web 2.0



a) Create a free account on YouTube

b) Setting security: (Publicly Post Videos/ Set Videos to Private) Due to mandated privacy policies concerning student works it may be necessary to keep your videos private unless you have consent to display students videos publicly. If videos are shared publicly, they are available to the entire world. The option to share or make your video private can be found in the first step of uploading a video, which is detailed below. Creating a YouTube group for you and your students will allow for multiple people to discuss things publicly, post multiple videos that apply to the discussion.

c) Finding video: Using the search dialog box located near the header of the page, enter in a search term which best describes the video you are looking for. For now, choose to search videos only. In addition to videos only, channel searches are another search option. If your search returns to many videos, you may also want to try searching by channel to narrow your results.

d) tagging video: a list of keywords that will help users find your postings when performing a search. These tags are filled out prior to uploading your video (see uploading video below)

e) sharing a video/sharing lists of videos(note: an easy way to share a video link via email can be accomplished by clicking on the share link located below the video you are watching. Simply fill in the fields and send a link out to your students)

f) embedding: Embedding allows a user to include a video within ones website, blog or more importantly Blackboard

g) copyright...(coming soon)

h) Uploading video (YouTube file formats: .avi,.mov,.wmv,.mpg)






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