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Voicethread is hard to describe. It is simultaneously an online PPT presentation and a discussion board. Imagine having students comment on each slide as you present it, but their comments appear on the outer edges of the screen. The comments can be audio, video or text. Once you have that image in your mind, you can then imagine that this tool can be used for a variety of purposes. You could narrate your PPTs and give students access to them outside of class. You could ask students to reply to a series of questions. Students could create online presentations that include audio, video, text and is narrated by them.   


Let's jump in and get started using Voicethread. What kind of person are you?



Watch Learning Bloom: Understanding, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating with VoiceThread

Michelle Pacansky-Brock




List of archived webinars on how to integrate VoiceThread into the classroom: http://voicethread.wistia.com/projects/b19a266909



Group Discussion: Alejandra Pickett- Online Learning Experience http://voicethread.com/#q.b38310.i428408

DIgital Storytelling:  Fish that Got Away 

Presentation: http://voicethread.com/?#u68532.b500216.i2663216

Class project: http://voicethread.com/#q.b4973.i38883

Research Project: http://voicethread.com/?#q.b1163512.i6263389



Building a VoiceThread

Comprehensive Introduction to VoiceThread: http://voicethread.wistia.com/medias/f1b11200c1


Digital Storytelling page




Workshop Material click to download





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