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Flip Video Camera

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The following information pertains to the Flip Video Camera being used in the one-a-day workshop, "Video Day"


You will be using the Flip Video (model: Mino) camera for this workshop. The difference between the Flip Video camera and a traditional camcorder is that it uses solid state (flash) memory to record onto. There are no moving parts in the Flip. It's portability and excellent video quality make it a functional and fun camera to use. 


Introduction to the Flip Video Camera – Features, control functions .



How to install flip software

How to shoot video: Composition, what not to wear (don’t wear stripes or wild patterns), don’t shoot in front of windows, choose a quiet location. (the camera featured in the video is a different model, the controls are the same, but your camera has a permanent re-chargeable battery that is charged by connecting the camera to your computer via the USB connector).



How to Edit Using Flipshare and upload the video.


Examples of video use in the classroom 

• Video can be used to shoot a personalized introduction of you to your students enrolled in an online course

• Student interviews

• Video for web pages

• Record a daily/weekly bulletin

• Virtual field trips



Importing Video from the Flip to a PC  - direct download from volume or import into Flip camera software using USB flip connector. Here is a step-by-step document outlining importing video from the Mino Flip on a PC and on a Mac



Video Editing – Software to edit your videos is available for free. iMovie on the Mac or Movie Maker on a PC running Windows XP or higher are excellent choices for basic video editing. With Movie Maker on the PC, you can trim video clips, add titles and transitions. When your movie is complete, you can save it to your computer, to a CD, DVD or save it to the web. 



Video Publishing YouTube (create an account)

View a brief tutorial on how to upload a video on YouTube 

You can also annotate videos in YouTube and make your videos more interactive. Add background information about your video, create stories with multiple possibilities and link to other videos.


Linking and Embedding existing video in Blackboard 

A variety of videos are available on the Internet. Two popular tools to capture YouTube videos to your local hardrive on your computer are;

Zamzar ( Zamzar.com) and Tooble (Tooble.tv). Never worry about the video you've linked to in YouTube ever disappearing again.


Here are some other resources for finding images, sounds and video 

Finding media

Creative commons search

Internet archive

Free Music


Once you have found the video you want, it's now time to link out to it or embed it in Blackboard. Here is a step-by-step process to do so (Embedding video in Blackboard)


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